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We offset 200 lbs of CO2 with every purchase

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We offset approx 200 lbs of carbon and gas from the atmosphere with every purchase.

From the start, we envisioned Coyote Provisions to be an impactful brand, with a mission to help make environmental change through charitable giving and ethical standards. 

With every purchase, we fund projects around the globe that help remove harmful greenhouse gasses and emissions from the atmosphere.  We do this in a combination of ways, through direct funding and charitable giving and through the purchase of carbon offsets that meet rigorous Gold Standard, third party approval.

Some of the projects include:

  • Water filtration in developing nations
  • Planting trees / reforestation 
  • High efficiency heating and stoves in developing countries
  • Wind farms and renewable energy projects

We have pledged to donate a portion of every sale directly to projects like these, to help minimize our impact and help keep the outdoors clean in the future. 



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